between now and then ... some images since I graduated of some of the the stuff i've done and the places I've been ... new comprehensive website complete with show and research details coming soon!!

NES Residency, 2015 Skagastrond, Iceland
Passenger, 2016



Barbara L. Reimer
muse {at} reimereason {dot} ca

AKA-HowDoYouSayGoodbyeToAVolvoAKA HowDoYouSayGoodbyToAVolvo? - Ozymandias1978 Was The Last Year Volvo Had Round HeadlightsGreen Man Portraits
VolvoNewWork(2012) 2014

greenman4ThisIsACopyrightedImageThePresidentsHouse Nicaragua
TheatreAKA Auction - coffee print saskatoon dumpSCANNED PolaroidNicaragua - Finding a Green Photo - Earthshipvolvo at ness creek in coffeeDirect positive paper developed in coffee
Coffee Developed CoffeePrintLandfill ResearchUrban Street Scenes
walk detailwalk detailwalk detail

SCANNEDFocusandDeviceBody  SOUNDartIamStudent-inviteTheYearsInBetween - IamStudent

The MoviesMusician Press PKGLIVE



{Barb would like to thank the Saskatchewan Arts Board and Carfac Saskatchewan for their generous support}